People Who Know About Hi Fi Or Speakers?

i need to know if this amp (link at bottom) is good for my speakers 125RMS 250 Peak 8 ohms 86 db i have 2 speakers. im a dj and i left my speakers at home and i need just and average pa for the party will this work.
these is the amp
these are the speakers please help

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2 Responses to “People Who Know About Hi Fi Or Speakers?”

  1. micky says:

    Ye as long as the speakers are under the rating of the amp your sorted. That amp is 960 watt max and yours are 250w each so 500w total will be fine:)

  2. Nightwra says:

    That junk is barely suitable for child’s bedroom DJ setup!! You don’t really do gigs with such cheap and nasty kit, do you?
    If you’re genuinely not bothered about build quality, sound quality or reliability, go ahead and buy it. Oh, and ignore the ridiculously overrated power figures – in the real world that amp can put out 30 watts per channel and the speakers are rated at a mere 16 watts each. Just so you know the truth…

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