People Who Know Baseball Facts? Is This Credible?

Is… accurate for the number of home runs for the top players? Also, I’m doing this for a project, and I have to include the publication and date which I can’t find.

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4 Responses to “People Who Know Baseball Facts? Is This Credible?”

  1. Lonesome Rhodes says:

    The numbers are solid but whether or not it’s “credible” is a matter of personal opinion. There are some who believe that Bonds’ total — and those of other juicers — should be discounted because they are tainted, and that Hank Aaron is still the rightful home run king.
    Incidentally, you can find the publication and date information by right-clicking on the page and going to line 5391 of the source code. It reads “Copyright © 2000-2013. All Rights Reserved by Baseball-Almanac.”
    It’s also at the bottom of the page above the Nationwide ad.

  2. jxhzut61 says:

    Yes! Their listing is accurate and you can print it out.
    But, they don’t publish it in publications. No market and besides active players will be adding to their totals once the 2013 season begins.

  3. Malik says:

    It’s a very credible site. The list is absolutely accurate.

  4. Aboody says:

    This is spot on !

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