Percent Word Problem, 10 Points To Best Answer!?

I know the answer, I just don’t understand why they got what they got.
Employees at Taylor’s Music Mart get a 20% discount on all purchases. If Brandon buys 3 CDs at $9.99 each, what will he have to pay after his employee discount.
The answer that shows up in my book is .80 x 3 x 9.99 = 23.98
My question is how did they get .80? If you could give me a step by step as to how you solve the problem, that would be great.

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  1. RobertMa says:

    You could (as most books and teachers teach) find 20% of the price
    and then do a subtraction problem to find how much you will pay.
    BUT THINK……If you are NOT going to pay 20% of a value then
    you ARE going to pay 80% of the value.
    What you are doing is Subtracting first (100% – 20% = 80%) and then
    multiplying by .80 as opposed to multiplying by .20 and then subtracting.
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  2. Brian says:

    The 20% discount means they DO NOT have to pay 20% of the original cost, so they DO have to pay 80% of the original cost, because 100% = 20% + 80%, or 1 = .20 + .80. Does that help?

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