Persian Rug Dealers

These are some of the biggest and most popular Persian carpet dealers, online galleries and companies available in the United States

Boston Galleries, Inc. ( :. Boston Galleries, Inc. is a 25 year license tied auction offering Persian rugs and handmade rugs in the United States. Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. They also provide services such as Appraisal, cleaning and spot removal

Herat Tribal Weaving ( :. Herat Ltd mainly specializes in Baluch, Afshar and South Persian carpets. Their website has a catalog with a selection of their current inventory. The company, based in Miami, Florida, is owned by Edward Koch whose first interest in Baluch tribal basketry and the South Persia (especially of the Afshari) extended to Turkish village rugs and some of the more primitive non weavings -Turkmeense, Central Asians According to the website, it offers only “real Persian Carpets” – made in Iran and not in other large oriental carpet making countries like India, China, Turkey or . Pakistan. Founded in 1877, the company originated in the city of Tabriz, northwest Iran, is based in Brea, California, and has many antique shows and rugs exhibitions all over the United States.


Persian Gallery Co., Inc. ( Founded in 1971 by brothers Hakim in New York, Persian Gallery Co., Inc. is a wholesale dealer of antique and semi-antique oriental rugs and antique tapestries, carpets supply retailers and interior designers across the United States

S & H Rugs ( :. S & H has a huge collection ranging from Persian Antique & Semi-Antique Fine to New Oriental Rugs, which includes vegetable dye carpets, silk, formal and informal. The carpet company was started in 1990 and remain carpets since import from Persia, Pakistan, China and India. He Company is based in New Jersey

Sobco International Ltd. ( :. Sobco is an award-winning importer and manufacturer of handmade carpets and flat weaves with more than 50 years experience in Persian carpet trade, serving customers in the US, Europe and in several countries around the world. Their headquarters is located in West Los Angeles, California

Thomas Cole Antique carpets and textiles ( :. This private carpet dealer specializing in Turkmen, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, and Baluch tribal Persian (Eastern) carpets, bagfaces and weavings as well as Central Asian silk embroidery and textile art. The website shows pictures of an eclectic collection assembled by the owner of the company, Thomas Cole

Tschebull Antique Carpets ( :. Offers carpets, such as Pre World Iranian “city” dozars 19th century kelleh size carpets from Iranian Kurdistan and dozar Kirman carpets. Tschebull Antique Carpets was founded in 1982 and is located in the town of Darien, Connecticut :. Is an online seller that has one of the largest collections of Persian rugs, ranging from Oversize Carpets, Large Rug, Room Size Rugs, Small Rugs, Runners, antique rugs to silk carpets. Their collection is listed by category in alphabetical order. Headquartered in Kew Gardens, New York.

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