Persian Rugs

As compared to all other varieties of rugs, authentic Persian rugs are the most expensive. In fact, trading in Persian rugs proves to be a very profitable venture for entrepreneurs engaged in the business. When making Persian rugs, weavers follow intricate weaving patterns and various indigenous stitching techniques that are poles apart from techniques used to make commercial rugs.

The Middle East gained popularity all over the world because of their spices and rich merchandise. One of their earliest gifts to the world was a Persian rug. It may be difficult to justify their exorbitant prices, but owning a real Persian rug is considered a status symbol. It is advisable to make enquiries regarding the credibility of a Persian rug source in order to avoid purchasing a fake product. This is a continuous problem for the Persian rug industry, as many fake varieties are around.

People, who cannot afford a brand new Persian rug, may consider purchasing used rugs. This is a feasible option for most people, as it offers the authenticity of the rug at a reasonable price. Potential customers should take care that the piece is not damaged and is authentic. The price of Persian rugs is largely dependent upon the number of knots per square inch. These knots are thread designs that evolve as a result of the pattern used. The more knots, the more expensive a Persian rug. They are long-term purchases and owners need to care for them in a proper manner. This is because these rugs are not meant for daily wash. For this reason, a large number of Persian rug owners prefer to hang the rug on the wall rather than place them on the floor. They are available in various sizes, which makes it possible for people to invest in smaller, less expensive sizes.

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