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I am ‘The Organiser’. Ever since I can remember I have been the person that everybody runs to when they want a night/day out organised, from nights in with DVDs to planning shopping days to going and seeing gigs. I am the person that makes it happen.
My interest in events organisation has been prominent throughout my time at both school and college and I have aimed to take advantage of every opportunity given to me in order to develop my understanding and experience in this rapidly growing industry. Your course, I feel, will allow me to gain essential work experience and equip me with all the necessary skills and insight needed to become a successful events manager.
During my time at school I was involved in various activities which helped me to improve my understanding of how events are organised and run. Some of which include acting as backstage manager at multiple musical productions put on by students, helping to arrange and execute the school sports day efficiently as part of my role as Sports Captain and also led an successful initiative to encourage younger students to participate more actively in sport by planning, promoting and implementing an ‘Old School Sports Day’. As a result of these achievements my initial passion for event organisation was sparked.
In addition, I have been an active member of Gloucestershire College Student Union team since January 2012. Through this I have been able to gain work experience related to the events industry and have become aware of the many different aspects that are involved and problems that could arise when planning an event. By being part of the SU I have gained confidence in promoting my ideas, talking to others and also, and most importantly in my belief, in my ability to succeed in this field of work.
I have also been involved with managing events outside of school and college, hoping to further extend my knowledge and fulfil my desire to create successful events. I organise a weekly Pub Quiz for around 12 – 20 people in a local pub and have also arranged seasonal trips to venues such as the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham anClear wellll Caves via my fathers’ taxi firm, managing to negotiate discount prices with these establishments and pass these savings onto the customers.
Event management in its simplest form, in my opinion, is an essential part of everyday life. Everyone in their lifetimes will play a part in organising an activity however I want to turn this everyday task into a career. I want to be able to create something and see it come to life and evolve before my eyes, to see the results of all my hard work. This is why I want to study event management.

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