Philosophy Help With Arguments!!!?

In the following passages much of what is stated is either not part of the argument or must be restated to make the structure of the argument clear. There may be more than one acceptable reconstruction.
1) As we all know, the American public is reluctant to try any new approach to education that might erode support for public schools. But the problems of education in inner cities have become so critical that there is little to lose. Either we give the voucher system and charter schools a fair trial, or we abandon the potential of the children of inner cities to become educated.
2) We have before us the question of rights for hornosexuals—a question which l hope disturbs you as much as it does me. My friends, I am as much concerned about other people as anyone. But I am opposed to these so-called rights. The reason is that if the United States passed rights for homosexuals, then the United Slates would support what is unnatural. But the United States should never support what is unnatural.
Please help me! Thank you!

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One Response to “Philosophy Help With Arguments!!!?”

  1. Name says:

    I think you could restate it lol anyways. 1.I don’t know really, I think our education depends more on the child’s upbringing plus his genes but if there is little to lose then the choice should be apparent. 2. Who ever is disturbed by the idea that gays would have rights, is exhibiting behavior that is TOO natural, he is an animal, unable to sympathize with those who aren’t like himself/herself, It’s natural to be adverse to homosexuality but it’s natural to want to kill as well, which is morally acceptable? In order for mankind to move forward this is just another hurdle for us as a species. There is nothing unnatural about homosexuality it’s just a mutation, which is a phenomena that if it didn’t exist neither would natural selection, we all are mutated, some of us have brown eyes some blue, some people are tall and some are short…It’s no different.

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