picnic in UK-boots meal deal or marks and spencers?

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10 Responses to “picnic in UK-boots meal deal or marks and spencers?”

  1. Elle says:

    if price isnt an issue, go for Mark and Spencer (make sure you get some lemon cheesecake….. Mmmmm)

    otherwise get your self to a supermarket, cheap and cheerful xx

  2. bugaboo says:

    Supermarket, loaf of bread, pack of ham and mayo for the same price..

  3. DippyD says:

    Boots meal deal is good value go for that!

  4. got a nice brown hat says:

    agree with Bugaboo….it’s so cheap & easy to make your own sandwiches & snacks…i wouldn’t go to Marks..much too expensive.

  5. Omstarts says:

    Absolutely agree with first answerer. Went to festival on weekend, loaf of bread, ham, jam, some butter sachets stolen from a service station – totally brilliant.

  6. Veronica Alicia says:

    I get mine from Marks but only because I have a Marks Credit card which gives points.
    I use the points to buy foodie things which can anything from ready meals (useful when canal boating) to a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine.

  7. LucyB18 says:

    boots every time. they don’t insist on putting everything on brown/granary bread and stuffing it with purple salad (great way to ruin a good sandwich).

    also M&S drinks are never as nice.

  8. Charlee Fantastic says:

    Supermarket (i am approximating)

    Loaf Of Bread – 50p – £1.20
    Packet Of Ham – 35p @ Asda, Dunno about other places
    Butter – 60p – £1.50
    Crisps (1 packet) – 20p – 60p
    Fruit + Chocolate or Biscuits – All Different Prices

  9. Carrie S says:

    I don’t personally like the sandwiches in Boots – they never have enough mayo for my liking. It’s M&S Sub sandwiches for me or maybe a little box of chicken and pasta salad with a box of pomegranate juice a bag of hand cooked crisps and a banana – yum. M&S also have lots of of yummy desserts and you can pick up free forks and spoons while you’re there. Just remember to bring a carrier bag with you because they’re charging for them now.

  10. MICHAEL S says:

    Harrods where else then into the Park for a spot of totty spotting

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