Pizza Hut Vouchers online?

Why do Pizza Hut vouchers never work, I type the code in online and there is always a problem. For the past year, I have tried a number of codes they had emailed me, and they never ever work.

Have other people had this problem? Or have you had luck.

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5 Responses to “Pizza Hut Vouchers online?”

  1. noodles says:

    Funny you should ask, we have had pizza hut tonight for my birthday celebrations. The voucher could only be used at take away pizza huts and not the restaurant, but it was so cold tonight that we all didn’t mind staying in the house anyway. This is the code we used – the 50% off on orders over £30.00.

    Hope this helps you 🙂 Good luck 🙂

  2. Sammy79 says:

    ive never got them through pizza hut. Try, ive got my last three from there

  3. Joey B says:


  4. Spring Fever says:

    I think they do it on purpose.We have two other pizza places here in town that offer 5 dollar pizzas hungry howies and little ceasars so pizza hut was standing on side road w cardboard thing saying pizza’s6.99.I thought we havent tried them in while i will order from them i call and she says its 14.99.Im like why is a guy on the road staning there saying 6.99 oh ok ill credit you.if i hadnt said that she would have charged me 14.99.
    made me mad!

  5. ♥ Controlled Enthusiasm? ~***~ says:

    Never had a problem.

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