Playstation 3 SLIM deals?

Please share me your deals… I’ve seen 1 or 2 offers with an average game and movie for £250.

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4 Responses to “Playstation 3 SLIM deals?”

  1. carlos says:

    cheapest deal for a PS3 slimline that i have seen so far is at TOYSARUS…£229…
    plus you are given the choice to buy a latest release game for £24:99—29:99
    hope this helps

  2. xtracex says:

    No diffrence to the old one. It’s just thinner and cooler in temperature. Other than that, new and old work the same.

  3. pirate says:

    Wait another month or so, there’s another price drop coming.

  4. dubzson says:

    You can get one free at PS3. It’s not spam by the way, I’m getting one free and I thought it might help ya plus they send it to where ever you live.

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