Playstation Plus Regional Content?

I have a UK console accessing from the UK, Using a voucher code i can purchase games from the US server (lets say for copy-write reasons i primarily live in the US and will only be playing said games there) what i was wondering is if i purchased a 30 day US PlayStation Plus account is if those games would be playable using my UK PS+ account after the US PS+ account expired.
So pretty much can i use a UK PS+ account to play games downloaded from a US PS+ account or are they account bound not bound by membership status

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One Response to “Playstation Plus Regional Content?”

  1. Beavis says:

    The games on your US PSN account would expire the moment your US PS+ membership expires. They cannot transfer over to your UK PS+ membership. As long as your US PS+ membership is active, you should be able to play the games on your UK PSN account.

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