Playstation Plus Trial Voucher Not Working?

Alright, so I bought the Infamous PS3 bundle today that came with a free 30-day trial to PS+. When I went to enter the redeem code, it told me I had to update my credit card information in order to activate Playstation Plus. So I did that, but when it went to the downloads screen, there was no download entry. When I tried to redeem the code again, it said it had already been used and is no longer valid.
PS+ is also not in my services under Account Management, so now I don’t know what to do. Any help? Thank you in advance.

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One Response to “Playstation Plus Trial Voucher Not Working?”

  1. Haяd woяking guy says:

    You don’t download PS plus. It’s a service. Once you entered the credit card info, you activated it. Just go and try to download one of the many free games and you’ll see.

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