Please Help…forgot My Apple Id Password?

How can I change my apple Id?
Please read I got the new iPhone 5 and I need my apple Id I forgot my password and I have tried resetting it by email but its my brothers email he said its not come through I tried answering the security questions but he can’t remember the answers my apple I’d has £20 vouchers on please help
Asked by Chloe 14 hours ago 3 days left to answer.
Should I take it to the apple shop will they be able to do anything

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2 Responses to “Please Help…forgot My Apple Id Password?”

  1. unknown friend says:

    Enter your password wrong 3 times then you will be forced to change it to a new one. I did that once on my ipad and it worked. After I changed my password everything from my iTunes was still intact on it.

  2. Fatima Galvez says:

    go to itunes on your computer. then log-in. then forgot password.

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