Please Help I Need Advice Very Emotionally In Pain?

I just would want to know if you think i will hear from him again. I worked at a company where my co worker became my best friend he was with a girl for 4 yrs an at time I had a bf. I got pregnant an my bf cheated so I left an by chance I quit my job an opened a business also my co worker Brian went single we slept together an were together thru my whole preg,delivery an all. I have a house an still paid on it but been living with him. We got in a argument an I left hormones after a baby an all shouldn’t of done it but did. He hasn’t called txt or anything since I left an I just drove by his house an he is already with a new girl who drives a new Lexus an is much prettier. I feel like my life is over. Called my mom an she thinks this is to much with just having a baby 3 wks ago an that we she doesnt like him.I’m devastated.
His story
Makes 200k a yr in sales but the owner son is his best friend that’s how he got it. He dated one girl for 3 yrs then cheated an dated that girl 3 yrs cheated an got with her best friend then they were together like 3 mths an over an he was single an We got together. He is the best boyfriend an he was perfect its just the cheating. He told my mom he really loves me an wants to be together an he is happy day before our fight. We have been friends 3 yrs thru his dad dying an all we were best friends. He was up every night with the baby.. I feel horrible about my self. I don’t want to call him an ask why he did this to me after everything an be desperate then I was thinking about walking up to his door today.

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One Response to “Please Help I Need Advice Very Emotionally In Pain?”

  1. Raymond says:

    Very sad story sometime i feel bad being a boy when i hear horrible things boys do to girls look your objective is your baby focus you attention on the baby forget about that man he will one day come back since u have his child life is a journey no looking backward before u get into a relationship make the guy loves u by putting him in a test to see if he is not lust. Wish u courage and patience in life do not be in a haste happiness is on your way.

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