Please Help Me I Need Tickets!?

okay, so im madly in love with One Direction and i NEED TICKETS for the Take Me Home World Tour! i have a little less than $250 saved up and i wanna get good seats for a cheap price. and i also want to bring some people (my sis, her friend, my friend, and a guardian who all love 1D) im only 13 and i want to know if you know a site where i can get a discount of of the price for the tickets for the Take Me Home World Tour . anything will help

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One Response to “Please Help Me I Need Tickets!?”

  1. I love One Direction <3 says:

    I need tickets too and I think I’m running out of time.
    Go to and type One Direction.
    The best row would obviously be the floor lol but a few rows behind it would be good too, although those would be pretty expensive. Ask your parents to pay some of it too!

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