Please Help Me. That Is True Or Scammer?

Compliments of the season, we receive your information from your host Mr. David Jock, for the assurance of Working visa and work permit for your trip to London-UK.
The Registration Form Fee, working permit, Tax clearance ,BNIC (UK National Identification Card) and Social Security Number will cost you 490GBP because without working permit and tax clearance and SSN you will not be eligible to work here and we have put discounts in the service we wants to render to you. We will work out your papers, documents and Visa fewer than 20 working days once you comply with our instructions.
First step…
We have to start by registration of your name at British Foreigners Employment Agency, were i will secure your Job Grantee Certificate, after securing of your Employment Job Grantee Certificate.
Second step…
We will Issue you Job Grantee Certificate which will sign by you and your Employer, Apply for your Work Permit Approval at the British Labor Department. Once you’re Work Permit has been approved at the British Labor Department, Your Authorization Letter of Work Permit will now fax to the British Embassy at Manila Philippines, where you’re Working Visa will be stamping on your Passport.
Third and final step…
After we must secured all your legal Working Permit documents here in UK, We will send a Representative Immigration Officer, who will fly down to Philippines with your original approved documents, before they arrival of the Representative Officer, we will furnish you with the details on how to meet with the Representative in Philippines, Note: the Representative Officer will be the one to accompany you to the British Embassy to Manila Philippines.
According to the British Labor Law guiding, Your Employer will be the one to shoulder working visa expenses fee, while you in person will be the one to pay for your Work Permit Approval fee of 490GBP. To ensure that you’re coming to London-UK is for Work Purpose. We need some more details from you to proceed with the Working permit, the tax clearance and the social security number .Our Office have to make the working permit and tax clearance first, because without this documents the Government will not permit you to work which might jeopardize your job opportunity here.
1, Original scan copy of your international passport
2, Original scan copy of your two passports photographs
3, Original scan copy of your Birth Certificate
4, Original scan copy of NBI Clearance
5, the payment receipt of 490GBP
World currency converting rate of 490GBP into Pesos = 31,721.56 Pesos.
6, Scan and send the receipt of payment as attachment and send to our office.
7, Scanned copy of your Job contract agreement signed by you and your employer
Visa Card
Western Union
Money Gram
The payment must be made through western union money transfer or money gram in our office accountant name,
Name: Mrs. Joy C. Hutton
Address: Level 6, New Gallery House
6 Vigo St London, W1S 3HF United Kingdom
Amount to send: 490 GBP Convert: 31,721.56Pesos
Scan and send the receipt of payment as attachment and send to us.
Also note that the date of your traveling down to London UK will be fixed and scheduled, to start work to your duty post as we are told by your employer. You are required to be very fast in sending the above required documents to enable us finish with the processing of your travel papers at the right time and send to you as instructed by the UK immigrations service law here in London Once we hear from you with all the requirements, we will send the visa application form for you to fill and get back to us; kindly call us as soon as possible.
Our Customer Service line is open 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday office contacting hour.
Mrs. Grace Floramo

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4 Responses to “Please Help Me. That Is True Or Scammer?”

  1. Frank Furillo says:

    Only read a few lines. Yes, it’s a scam. Delete it and forget about it.

  2. Gerry Attrick. says:

    Blatantly obvious that it is a scam.Many are more cleverly composed.

  3. ksea says:

    100% a scam.

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