Please Help Me Understand! I Got 1st Ever, Ever Ticket Today In San Antonio, Tx?

I had just gotten out of college campus and I was running late to pick up my kids from school, when a big truck was pulling into a property and I had to wait. When it finally got out of the way, I sped up and honestly I wasn’t aware that I was speeding. I’m just determine to make it to my kids school, cuz NISD are real jerks and they will call CPS on you if you don’t pick them up on time, well as soon as I turned the corner, I saw the motorcycle police officer. I pulled over, and he told me I was going 54 over the speeding limit which is 40. I told him that this would be my first ticket and he proceeded to key write me a ticket. I saw the amount, $191.10 and I asked him why this high, he walked away. Damm I, as a tax payer, contribute to his salary from the taxes we pay. Well I logged into my computer and went into their website, and clicked the Fine Amounts and selected traffic fines, and it says that the speeding for the first 10 miles over the speed limit is $166.00. Each additional mile is $5. What the hell does that mean, because it wasn’t 10 miles. I turned on the curve and their he was. 166+25= 191.10. He charged me 5 x $5.00= so I’, paying $25.00 for each mile but it wasn’t 10 miles. Plus when I go to the court house they will charge me an arm and a leg for court costs. What is 10 miles mean in this case?

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3 Responses to “Please Help Me Understand! I Got 1st Ever, Ever Ticket Today In San Antonio, Tx?”

  1. Jannice says:

    its your first ticket. the good thing is you can take traffic school so you insurance don’t go up.
    if you want to go to court to ask for a reduction, its up to you if you think the math will work.
    otherwise, save your time, and just get it over with. and start watching your speed. they really get you, when you least expect it.
    did my traffic school online with and used a discount code: X2K-7CF-4F5 and saved their course.
    for the finals, i searched traffic school answers 2012 and found a reviewer and studied it, before taking the test.

  2. Day-Z says:

    Here’s what you do: go to the courthouse and when you see the clerk (I doubt you will even go before the judge) ask for “deferred adjudication” or in other words, probation. You will then be instructed to take a defensive driving course and will be on probation for a certain amount of time. If you don’t receive any more tickets within that period, the ticket is erased from your record. I suggest you do this if you don’t want to be surcharged on your insurance. Yes, there will be court fees and it ain’t cheap. But that’s what ya get for speeding. Slow down.
    You seem to have a problem with accountability. You must be a repeat offender when it comes to picking up your kids late. Normal people who have occasional late pick ups are not threatened with calling CPS.

  3. Livvi says:

    Please do not start with the I pay your salary … You were going 14 miles over the limit. First of all the police officer DOES NOT set the fine, the city does that. Do not blame the police officer because you broke the law. You can always go court explain everything to the judge and he can lower the fine.

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