Please help me! Waitrose staff discounts?

On the website it says:

"After three months’ service, all Partners are entitled to a 12% discount on most purchases from John Lewis and Waitrose. In John Lewis this rises to 25% after one years’ service."

Does this mean Waitrose staff get 25% off in John Lewis aswell?

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One Response to “Please help me! Waitrose staff discounts?”

  1. gunrock00 says:

    From the part that says "In John lewis this rises…", I’m guessing that it just means that you get discount of 25% for John Lewis purchases and only 12% in Waitrose. Probably due to the fact that there’s more profit on John Lewis goods, thus more discount can be given. Giving 25% off of a single apple (worth, say, 30p) would not be sustainable for the partnership, I’d imagine.

    My wife works at John Lewis and is coming up to her year anniversary, so I’ll get her to ask.

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