Please help me!?

I want to get shoes like Hermione Granger wears in the Harry Potter films. They are called Mary Jane shoes and i can only find one place to buy them so far: online on Below are the names and links of the two types that are the type i want.

Women’s Propet Mary Jane Walker™ : link:

Women’s Aetrex Ambulator Biomechanical Mary Jane : link:

do you know where i could buy shoes like these and they have to be available for shipping to ireland(thats where i live)? The other thing is that i am a size 42-43europe or a size 8-9uk in shoes, do you know how to convert that to US sizes and is there a place where i can find a "propet" and "aetrex" sizing chart because every brand has their own way of sizing shoes? or if you have ever bought either of these brands how did they compare with sizes of other brands eg. adidas??
thank you!!

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  1. apple says:

    I’ve checked the sites you gave, and both of them do shipped to Ireland. Go the the page ‘free shipping’ and at the top right hand corner it says ‘international shipping’. Click on that and it will show you that ireland is on the list. Hope this helps.

  2. prettypiglover says:

    wal-mart target k-mart the mall

  3. hotxanthi says:


  4. cw says:

    Have a look on and both should have various types of mary jane shoes and deliver. Also is always good… lots of bargain shoes as well as expensive ones, but I’ve definitely seen a few pairs of mary janes on there.

  5. ♥tinkerbell618♥ says:

    you might try to find the harry potter magazines they sell some pretty wiered things that u could find in every day life so u might be able to find a pair in there

  6. Lisa P says:

    OLD NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. jonathan c says:

    Try True Form – or failing that, Freeman Hardy & Willis.

  8. delancyoliviasprouse says:

    Try Payless or also…most shoe stores should have them

  9. mexicanchocalate123 says:

    I really hope your a little girl cause those shoes are ugly my mom got me them when i was in the second and first grade she got them at Jc penny and sears in Haminton mall

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