Please Help Nobody’s Answering?

Well first of all we always end up in the same place, and today i was driving around going to yard sales and this guy used to live in my neighbor hood and then he moved so today I went by his house and like he always stares at me (even though he hangs out with this girl and his friend all the time) what do u think? I am not stalking him we just always end up in the same places on accident
Are we ment to be together?

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2 Responses to “Please Help Nobody’s Answering?”

  1. Bice Lake says:

    approach him and find out…

  2. Ccarmen says:

    The answer to your question is NO! IF this guy has a girlfriend, he is simply a player! Or might want to use you to make his girlfriend jelous! Dont let him use you! F… H.. GOOD Luck

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