Please Translate To German!?

When did you implement e-commerce?
What was the main reason for it?
How big is it today? In % of the global turnover
Are there any differences in prices? Are there any special online discounts?
Which articles are most sold?
What are the biggest challenges you are now facing with OFR?
Do you offer additional services to online customers?
Do customers have to pay extra for home delivery?
Concerning delivery:
Do you deliver all kind of products?
It seems you only deliver in Vienna for now. Why is that? Do you have any plans to expand the delivery range (other cities in Austria, further suburban area around Vienna…)
We saw that you outsource the delivery process: why? Who?
There are many rules and regulations concerning food delivery (referred to as the last mile problem): how do you ensure the delivery fulfills all requirements?
We saw that you have special delivery slots, which are the most popular?
Do you deliver the same day?
Franck Hensel announced the opening of a drive-in supermarket in Vienna How and why did you decide to implement it? Will customers order online? What are the expected benefits?
Business model:
In-store picking or warehouse?
Do you only have home delivery or also customer pick-up?
Are you benchmarking with international competitors (e.g. Tesco in the UK, LeShop in Switzerland)
Do you encourage your customers to buy online? How?
Future outlook:
Is the strategy of OFR independent from the rest of the Rewe group (e.g. Merkur Direkt)?
What is the target for OFR in 10 years for Billa?
What are your expectations concerning OFR in Austria within the next 10 years?
Who is your biggest competitor? Why?

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One Response to “Please Translate To German!?”

  1. NORMA m says:

    Way too much to do. If this is for work you need a professional translator.

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