Point of Sale display?

Hey guys I’m a 10th grade Design & Technology student and we are designing and creating a Point of Sale Display/Point of Purchase to promote any product, I was thinking of doing cosmetics. Could you please help me with devising a Problem (for which a point of sale display is the solution).
Thanks! 🙂

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  1. Helen S says:

    Yes, I think I can. When you go into your local Boots or whatever store which sells cosmetics what are the photo’s of?

    All those products to revitalise this, rejuvenate that – all the accompanying point of sale photos are of very glamorous young women – 16 to perhaps 30 years old without a wrinkle in sight.

    I am extremely lucky to have inherited very good skin which I have looked after basically by slathering it in Flawless Finish make-up for the last forty plus years – i’m 62, using good cleansing cream and a nourishing cream, but, I have started to see a bit of crepey skin on my eye lid and searching through most of the products is mind blowing. Why don’t the stores use older models? The grey brigade are those with the money. As we grow older we need better eye makeup products – NOBODY provides this service.

    Ask your Mum or Gran about this – i’m sure they too will have noticed.
    Let me know if you go ahead with this, it would be interesting to hear what you’ve done.

  2. oopsoohooh says:

    point of sale, are the marketing displays or signs within stores used to promote sales or products

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