Politics: If You Were The President, Would You Send Your Kids To The Dc Public Schools?

I wouldn’t. Would you?
why or why not?

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16 Responses to “Politics: If You Were The President, Would You Send Your Kids To The Dc Public Schools?”

  1. Maxwell says:

    No way…I want my kids to learn to read.
    The difference is, I wouldn’t just take care of my kids while letting the public suffer, I would work to get the voucher system in effect in all states, and I would try to break the broken system so it could be fixed.

  2. nathan f says:

    Kind of a silly question, but sure I would.
    Why? Because the FBI would do a background check of every student and move any student that was questionable. Then the school district would put the best teachers in that school. Then the Secret Service would install top notch security and upgrade the facility.
    It wouldn’t look like the average DC school, but it would be great publicity.

  3. Matt says:

    If I were president? Hell no! LOL.
    Washington DC is a terrible place to live, cesspool of political corruption and highest murder rates in the nation. No way in hell I’d send my kids to public schools there.
    I’d probably send them to a private school over home schooling them because at a SCHOOL at least they can socialize and make friends.

  4. mommanuk says:

    No, because I wouldn’t be stupid enough to think they could be protected there instead of a private school that has its own security staff.
    Would you like to have your children kidnapped or blown up just to prove how “equal” you are?
    Edit: Amazing! Two people out there think the President’s kids are in no more danger than Dick and Jane!

  5. Dallen B says:

    NO – there is far too much interference in the schools now; having the distractions that would come with the kids in public school would be bad on the other kids. The President makes enough money to put his/her kids in a private school.

  6. Trevorz here says:

    Uh, no. I wouldn’t send my kids to any public school unless I was in Marin County or maybe Pleasanton or Sebastopol. But then, the President doesn’t live there so………no. I wouldn’t. Too much bad influence.

  7. ocularne says:

    It would be too difficult considering the security risks. You pretty much have to send them to a school that is already set up and the Secret Service can monitor them.

  8. Mercadie says:

    They wouldn’t go to the most expensive private school either.

  9. meg says:

    I sent my kids to DC pubic schools but if I were President I would not because they are not secure enough and the secret service could not protect them in a public school.

  10. Bad Wolf says:

    No, DC schools are horrible.

  11. Homeopat says:

    I would have their mother home school them.

  12. Liberal Brain Fart says:

    Those schools are damned dangerous….

  13. Obama's Gravy Train says:

    I can’t see the Obama’s ever living like common people.
    They are elitists plain & simple.

  14. Los Mojados says:

    Don’t know why anyone would do anything in DC.

  15. parochial school graduate says:

    Frick no. My kids are royalty and should not mix with commoners. Our founding fathers would be appalled wouldn’t they

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