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i want to post some items on ebay for worldwide, is there a difference if i post on rather than .com? will worldwide people see my post on if i post on


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  1. Robert J says:

    Always post on if you are in the UK.

    You can still select ‘worldwide’ or individual areas / countries.

    I would strongly advise not using worldwide – instead, be selective, like Europe, USA, Canada & Australia.

    That blocks the worst scammer countries while still giving you a far greater pool of buyers than UK Only.

    [Also, you don’t want eg. someone in the USA buying from a post on and paying local postage – there are many pitfalls from using the wrong site..]

  2. Steve B says:

    ‘Worldwide’ is NOT a good idea for an eBay ‘newbie’ .. you WILL get ripped off …

    Paypal is never left holding a loss .. so when some US buyer refuses to understand why they are being asked to pay ‘extra’ on a £ item when they think they bid $ & ‘reverses’ his card payment, PP will just take the money back from you …

    Further, there’s the ever common trick to claim ‘goods not as described’ & demanding a partial refund (what you going to do ? pay for postage back ??)

    … and the trick of convincing you to send it to a ‘different’ address (i.e. not the one registered on the pay-pal account) and then claiming non-delivery

    … there’s the use of ‘hacked’ / ‘phished’ PP account (or the one belonging to my friend that he will later CLAIM was ‘hacked’ ..)

    Finally, many overseas postal services are ‘unreliable’ (read ‘corrupt’) so you should NEVER send goods to those destinations == check the list of ‘excluded’ countries that the big sellers list .. and note that this includes Italy !!

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