Practical advice for dealing with PCOS?

Hello there,

Some background information – I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS for about 7 years now. I get one period a year. I am overweight. I’m a teacher, so have limited time for hobbies etc. I suffered from clinical depression for about 10 years. I don’t really have many close friends, as when I moved away from uni the distance was too far to really maintain regular friendships – though I have been trying to reconcile some of those lately.

Treatment wise – I’m on Metformin (though i’m not diabetic).

I would really like some practical advice about how to deal with PCOS, saying losing weight etc is not helpful without practical ideas tailored to PCOS sufferers. Things that you’ve found helped with fertility etc would also be helpful – obviously only having 1 period a year isn’t going to help when I get around to wanting a family.

I don’t really know what to expect by asking this here to be honest, I just know I need to try something, anything in order to sort myself out.

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  1. Grace says:

    Hi Sam,

    Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is the most common hormonal disorder in reproductive age women. It is also said that PCOS is triggered or aggravated by increase level of insulin that can occur in diabetes or obesity. I think, you really have to work on your weight loss regimen because you have mentioned that you are over weight. I also think you really need to visit a fertility clinic and consult a specialist, (most specially if you plan to conceive and have a child) as this condition may require oral drug treatments or injectable medications depending on severity of PCOS. It is better to treat your condition early so that we could prevent possible complications.

    In terms of your social life, if you are having trouble dealing with other people or maintaining a personal relationship…I suggest you utilize the internet. Be on social networking sites like Facebook. You might do well in building friendship through messages than being in person. Its a good start.

    In terms of PCOS and other fertility problems, you may want to read these articles that I have found online to give you more understanding about the condition.

  2. americanidiot0414 says:

    Have you considered asking your doctor or a support group/charity to speak to others with this syndrome?
    It might be worth asking your doctor to recommend a dietician? Changing your diet may help you to become a healthier weight.

    Yeah metformin is used for PCOS even when you’re not diabetic although this is considered off label use (off license use).

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