Premier League – Sunderland secure Larsson deal?

This is a deal! what do you think?

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9 Responses to “Premier League – Sunderland secure Larsson deal?”

  1. The Sister Brothers says:

    Not a bad deal really Baz reckons thats ok.

  2. Guess Who I Am says:

    Over the moon! We need someone decent to take freekicks.

  3. ? says:

    I have heard that Sunderland are closing in on him but Arsenal are also interested.

  4. Peter D - presenting East Asia says:

    a good deal i guess because larsson is a free transfer and sunderland did have alot of injuries last season, so him would be good in the sunderland which i also heard zenden have been released, also henderson gone, so maybe larsson might have more of a chance to start

  5. Oisin™ The Legend himself says:

    Henrik Larrson? Isnt he 39… nah Seb will be a good signing for Sunderland, i heard he was linked with a return bakc to Arsenal, but i am sure he will do well.

  6. Superior Quality 85 (1925 - 2011) (X)™ says:

    Pretty decent deal if he can squeeze into the starting 11. He’s a good footballer with massive potential to be a cement right midfielder for any Premiership side, Sunderland are looking good for next season

  7. AaronH says:

    Okay for Sunderland, won’t really change anything.

  8. I don't believe it says:

    Not a bad deal really a decent player for them.

  9. Bazspur6 says:

    i’m getting money on sunderland to go down, larsson is a terrible signing.

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