Presents For 14 Year Olds?

I need to write my xmas list by friday I have an ipod, laptop , e reader, ds, wii and phone. I don’t want a tv in my room. so far my list is a piggy bank, itunes voucher, bath boms, scented bubbble bath and if i cant think of anything else then money. I really need the ideas soon please help. I’m slightly girly and I like unique things. Please link me any websites, presents or anything I can ask for. they MUST BE AVAILABLE IN THE UK.
please help me as soon as possible xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…

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4 Responses to “Presents For 14 Year Olds?”

  1. Keesha says:

    If you can get all of that in 1 christmas then why do you need more? Anyways, for christmas ask for a pS3

  2. Amy says:

    Hey! I’m the same age as you and my tastes seem similar, I don’t know what I want either but I have just been looking on websites like new look and miss selfridge finding specific items of clothing that I want because I don’t like people picking clothes for me, new pair of converse, vouchers, money, makeup, gift sets, perfume, jewellery, Paul’s boutique bag, slippers, pyjamas, gloves, body sprays there are plenty of things to choose from, I went round some shops looking for stuff I liked 🙂 hope I helped! XX

  3. LaMp says:

    I’m your age and I’m getting tickets to go see arsenal play Liverpool next year, so cross some things off your list and replace them with tickets to your favourite singer instead!

  4. kaylan jones says:

    Iphone . im 13 and i have one and i love it its like having everything in one little device you’ll love it trust me plus the prices went down and personally i have the 4s but the you can just get the 4 its basically the same thing its just the 4s haves siri or whatever but you honestly dont need it

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