Presents For My Bestfriend?

I still have to buy my bestfriend a christmas present (i know its mid january but shes been out of the country on holiday since like december 10th with family and she only got back a few days ago) ill probably catch up with her in the next few days and I want to get my present sorted before then , heres a desrciption of her , she has alot of clothing and makeup and stuff most of which she doesn’t really use (aside from lipgloss) however she is pretty girly and likes pink stuff and toys also she isnt sporty also she isnt aloud to burn candles so thats off the list shes 14 (15 in a couple of months)and she has basically every song she likes on her phone so there isnt much point buying her cds or music vouchers, im having trouble thinking of what to get her my budget is $30 new zealand (25$ US) i know it isn’t that much but i still want to get her a decent present any ideas thats meaningful and maybe something homemade aswell?? oh and please don’t suggest getting things from US or UK stores or whatever because we don’t have those here 🙂 thanks in advance

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One Response to “Presents For My Bestfriend?”

  1. Junli says:

    Hmm a photo album? OHHH or a locket necklace!!:)

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