Primark or Marks and Spencer ?

i love primark and i think their T-shirts fit beautifully

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18 Responses to “Primark or Marks and Spencer ?”

  1. Maria says:

    Depends what it is, Primark is fine for everyday clothes but i would go to M&S for something a bit nicer, i like their Per Una range but it can be pricey.

  2. Lisa says:

    Primark!!! Mark and Spencer is More well Granny stuff… no offensive.

  3. Em ♥ says:

    Primark because they have some really funky stuff for cheap prices =) Although it does make children make it =( Em x

  4. Lil Star93 says:

    PRIMARK! it’s cheap but I’ve bought so many nice things in there. Perfect for a girl who’s constantly on a budget!

  5. «FũŇķŶ ΜůЙķЎ » says:

    I can’t afford marks and spencer, and Primark stuff is more for the yonger generation.

  6. Lolly says:

    It depends on what it is I’m buying. If itz for college, I’d go to Primark. If itz for a night out of special occassion, I’d go to Marks. Hope that helps.

  7. love u says:

    lol primark

  8. sashane says:

    primark for sure, marks and spencers are too expensive for me

  9. francol says:

    M & S is better quality – but Primark is more fashionable so you wouldn’t want whatever you bought to last too long


  10. Ty L says:

    Primark anyday, Primark have gorge clothes and undies, Marks and Spencers have old fashioned clothes and granny bra’s, that look like catapults.
    Primark has some gorge clothes, underwear, shoes and acsessories, really fashionable and funky.
    They also do Jeans to suit ALL sizes, they do short leg, average leg and long leg, therefore women of all shapes and sizes benefit.

  11. Alice_M says:

    Primark has more fashionable clothing at very cheap prices & quality may not be that high. As more marks & spencer, the clothing are aimed for mostly older people & quality in clothing is much better.
    But overall I think Primark is better he he! ^.^ <3

  12. claire says:

    I love Primark but i prefer M&S bras

  13. xXx..shakz..xXx says:

    defo primark, cheap and cheerful ND fashionable. marks and spencers is gd but quite pricey.

  14. pretty things says:

    Primark is so horrible and cheap!
    The clothes and shoes are rubbish quality.
    I went twice, and never been back since, i don’t intend to either. Marks and Spencers last way longer and if you have a long hard look, you can find decent things.
    I love H&M though.

  15. Charlie says:

    For quality then it would definitely be M&S

    Primark makes the worst quality clothes on the high street, at least with M&S you’re buying something that you know will last you the seasons and will not fall apart or fade after a few wears/washes!

  16. samsamdavedave says:

    primark cause its much much cheaper!! cant afford M&S prices, plus its a bit middle aged really!!

  17. susie03 says:

    Most of the stuff in M&S is too old fashioned for me & I’m 42 so I’d have to say Primark.

  18. E T says:

    Primark all the way! i practically live in that shop.

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