Principles stores closing – what about vouchers?

Principles clothes stores announced they had gone bust this week – my mum has some vouchers but we can’t find out anywhere if we can get the money back. The shops are shut and the website is down. Unlikely I know, but some stores that have gone under have honoured their vouchers. Anyone know where she stands with Principles vouchers?

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5 Responses to “Principles stores closing – what about vouchers?”

  1. Johnny says:

    You need to find a way to use them if at all possible.

    Once the shop goes into administration you become a creditor of the company and you have to apply to the administrators for your money back – which to be honest is unlikely.

    I haven’t been following what happened to Principles but that was certainly the case with Woolworths.

    I’ve just found out what someone else has also posted – there are still principles concessions in Debenhams. Get down there asap and spend your vouchers.

  2. Sal*UK says:

    I bought stuff from Principles today – in my local Debenhams store. Maybe not all the franchises are closed?

  3. randall_nd says:

    I was fixin’ to say use the voucher asap, but if the stores aren’t open, then I’d ask the Attorney General at the state capitol. You might be out of luck, but it’s worth a toll free call.

  4. Kathy Y says:

    I believe you can spend principles vouchers at dorothy perkins

  5. cookie bear says:

    Hi buy any think or you will loose out

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