Pristique Vs. Effexor Please?

As I understand it pristique is just the improved version of effexor, without the side effects and heroin like withdrawals. thing is, it costs 10x as much and I an not going to have insurance pretty soon. the Effexor costs 17 bucks without insurance at costco but the pristique is like 180!! Is it really worth it to go back to effexor? I was only on effexor for 5 days at the lowest dose, got out of the hospital and the pharmacy was out of it so couldn’t fill my script for 2 days. Oh my god that was freaking HELL! within 24 hours of my first missed dose I was on the bathroom floor tremoring so bad I couldn’t get up and puking.. and was like that for 2 days. I had no idea!! I’m thoroughly terrified of effexor now and don’t want to put it in my body again but might have to.
If you are on pristique how do you afford it withou insurance? the largest voucher I can find is just $15.

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