Problem Selling My House?

I am trying to sell my property through a real estate agent, the first real estate we had the property listed with them for 6 months, no calls, updates or any offers at all. (Strange) we decided to move to another real estate 1 min away as the town isnt big. it has been nearly a month and the 2nd real estate has still not put my house on the market or given me a value on it. The house has tenants living there, agent said tenants are being difficult and making it hard to show the house or even take photos. He said he,ll get back to me with the photos in few days, i waited a week and still have not heard anything. I am thinking both real estate are not trying to sell our property for us and are trying to keep the tenants there as they have been living there for many years.
The 2nd agent took photos of house but said he wanted to re take as they didnt come out good, within a week we got a very low and unreasonable offer for the house but, it wasnt even listed on their site or anywhere else, how would anyone know the house is for sale. We live 4 hours away so cannot check up on anything, the town is small, i guess everyone is close to eachother?
What should i do about this? Wait longer? Contact my solicitor?
Do you think there is something fishy going on? As i do believe so. Just dont know what to do and i need te house sold.
Sorry for it being long and for any typos, using phone.
Thanks for your replys

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