Problem with HR, Marks and Spencer?

I have worked for Marks and Spencer for over a year.
I left / "resigned" last tuesday as a result of problems in the store and wanting to concentrate on university. I’m a 20 year old student in my final BA Hons year.

Today I was meant to be paid my last salary/wage over £500.

When I started working for the company I set up all direct debits to come out on the day I got paid so I would know what I had left for myself.

I logged into mobile banking this morning to find my salary had been paid in, then taken straight back out…

Obviously I’m now short for cash and this money is my hard earned wage.

I’ve rang HR and payroll at M&S and they are looking into it and could take a while.

Christmas is round the corner and I need every penny.

Is there anything I can do?

Has anyone had a similar problem with Marks and Spencer or another company?

Can you get legal help, a solicitor or someone who works in legal a friend/family?

Right now I want to sue and get my money!

Not Happy!

Thanks for reading!

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3 Responses to “Problem with HR, Marks and Spencer?”

  1. Piran says:

    Just give them time, why do you need a Solicitor. It has just happened. Suing is not FREE in the UK and you have no money.

  2. Margaret S says:

    Payroll will have been set up for wages to go automatically into accounts on pay day (which is today you say) but as you have resigned your final pay will quite likely not be the usual amount therefore payroll will have recalled the automatic payment to make any necessary adjustments – holiday entitlement accrued and not taken (or overpaid) would be one example. It will take a little while for them to make any adjustments but then you will receive a final salary.
    You should have planned ahead for this when you left the job. Remember it for the future though so you do’t get into a muddle. Final salaries are not the same as regular payments.
    You are a bit quick off the mark with your talk of legal action etc. So many things trick you into expecting immediate everything but real life is never immediate nor can it be. Patience and planning will see you through.

  3. Chef says:

    LOL you will never succeed in suing M&S, they are simply too big to be sued by an individual like you who knows nothing about law anyways.

    All you can do is to beg and plead and continue chasing them so that they pay you your money before Christmas. You will have to learn to develop some patience now.

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