Professional Sales Class- What Should I Sell?

For my professional sales class, as an end of the semester project, i have to sell a product, hypothetically. It can be with a good or a service, it doesnt matter just as long as i get something sold. I have to use the FAB technique (features, advantages, benefits). Google them if you are unaware of what they entail….
For example, my teacher sold his polaroid camera. Because it was easy to use and the photos were processed right there for you in little to no time.
My question is, what should i sell? I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this assignment but i want to hear other suggestions that you might have. I’m open to anything, so let me here them! 🙂
With great appreciation and Thanks!

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One Response to “Professional Sales Class- What Should I Sell?”

  1. Dave says:

    Look around your place or your parents place for some old appliance or radio.
    Sell it as if you’re selling it to the people of the time highlighting the FAB of the time.
    Hope that helps..

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