Providing Food To A Large Forbes 50 Company Or Its Employees?

I have a golden opportunity to provide food to employees of the large forbes 50 company as well as the company itself. But there is a huge problem…the problem is that i have not experience in the types of options that I can offer or any other clue as to what to offer.
Here is the situation….i own a little small carry out pizza in a small town about 3000 people and in this town there is this large forbes 50 company. My pizza store has been the very best in town and have won certain awards from the community. People love it and I have a good reputation. But I need more sales…the market is very small (only 3000 people) and i need more sales. So since I have a good reputation in town, the hr department gave me a chance to go in and cut them a deal. They said they don’t normally do that but since I am liked in the community they want to see me serve them if the deal is right.
Although I don’t know what deal to cut them…not sure whether I want to cut them a deal as corporate or a deal to their employees to spend more money to my store.
Please help me with some options cause I really dont want to lose this opportunity.
And remember, I don’t have a restaurant, i have a carry out pizza place with pasta and subs…in other words, I am not able to hold corporate events or any other sort of thing. I can only take pride in cooking not in the luxury of the store or anything else.
Please help!!!!

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