PS3 – best bundle deal?

my boyfriend wants a PS3 for christmas, he loves fifa 09 and also likes games like GTA or res evil/, does anybody know of any good bundle deals that contain these games, or similar, preferably 80GB ps3. looking to spend upto 330?

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  1. chavez5445 says:

    First of all in response to "da black"..he want’s a PS3. Second, the overall better system is the PS3 lol. Blu-ray player, top tier new games. Check Resistance 2, Littlebigplanet, Metal Gear Solid 4, Fallout 3, Call of Duty World at War, and Bioshock. An internet browser, trophy support, holds music, games, videos, and pictures. Also has a movie store with the ability to buy or rent movies. A market place with down loadable content and over 227,000,000 downloads to date. Completely wireless, Insane headset quality, Playstation Eye camera, upgradable hard drive unlike the other system so you can go as HIGH as you can afford.

    Just an overall better system, and don’t forget – it doesn’t have a 36% failure rate.

    Honestly, I don’t know where you can only spend $330 unless you’re getting it used or some super sale. The PS3 retails at $400 and $500. I imagine a bundle is right there or in between.

    This right here is a GREAT DEAL.

    It’s a 40gig if you want more check here.

  2. KrazyMuddles says:

    Amazon are doing a great deal at the moment. you can get a PS3, free HDMI cable and free game (fifa 09). this totals £299 for an 80gb.

    Which sounds alot but is actually a good deal. I just got it for my boyfriend.

    Good luck

  3. da_black_ninja says:

    First of Resident evil isnt out yet
    but dont .. get him an xbox 360 insted

    alot more quality titles
    Bigger marketplace for demos, downloads, previews, music ect

    and u can get netflix
    rent movies, buy movies

    just overall a better system!!!

  4. Akers says:

    dont listen to xbox lovers, the only reason they promote is so u can suffer like them and that makes them feel better!hahah yeah the amazon deal is the best iv seen so far, in other shops its 299 for a 80g and fifa 09, but wiv amazon u get hdmi cable so u save like 5-10 pounds, fifa is amazing BTW pro has failed this year…HARD!

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