ps3 deal?????????????//?

i found this website called and they have really cheap deals. should i buy from them or is it too risky incase its a con

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  1. adidas says:

    First off, their prices seem high to me, but I looked at the U.S. version since I understand dollars and not pounds, and they did not have good deals for the U.S.

    With that being said, give them a call. They should be able to answer any questions you have, especially if they are legit. Seem to be. The other thing you can do is do a google search on their physical location and see if it shows up. If things don’t seem to add up, then be worried.

    Also, use a credit card as you will have more of a chance to get your money back if it is a scam. The other thing I always do if I’m not sure is call my credit card company and see if they know the vendor and if they have had any problems with them. If it is a scam, the credit card company will know.

  2. BadDan says:

    personally i believe anywhere selling software of that type for anything substantially less than your local major tech dealer is a scam, i wouldn’t do it if i were you.

  3. Babie_grindaz says:

    LOOKS fine to me
    i would call on the contact just to check and get a recpt ect inase its not

  4. Robert929 says:

    If it involves parting with a fair amount of cash but seems ‘too’ cheap, then it probably is a con.

    Sites like are better, as you are using affiliate marketing to obtain a PS3/Wii etc WITHOUT the requirement to spend. For example, you sign up and are asked to complete ONE offer. One of the available offers is Lovefilm, which is a free trial. Try out the service, and then stop if it’s not for you- your offer will still be completed.

    So, there is no risk and no money lost. I’ve had lots of success with this site over the last year.

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