Ps3 To Pc Monitor To Speakers Help!?!?!?

Okay so I have my PS3 ultra slim connected to my PC Monitor through a HDMI cable and that works fine but the monitor has no speakers built in and I have a pair that go into a headphone input but normally my game sound comes out of my headset but that’s broken and I cant figure out how to get my speakers to connect to my monitor because it has no head phone input only a HDMI and a PC connector and theirs one more but not in the shape of a headphone input of jack lead input its the same as the PC one but blue or green I can’t remember right now.
So I think I have to put the headphone cable into something then connect it to the other input that looks like the PC input but I don’t know what will hold the headphone cable then convert it.
So i’m sorry for the complected question but no game sound is kinda a pain and btw here is my monitor so you can see the input
Just look at the pics hope this helped to find something.
So sorry for the long question but yeah….
Many thanks, Jake 🙂

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