Ps3 Voucher Code Wont Work.?

I have a free ps plus 30 for 30 days that i got from buying 1 game (htman absolution). I have 2 accaunts on differecnt regions, one is italian and the other is american. I tried to use the code on american accaunt but i dont remember what i said and maybe i could ve fixed it. Now when i use it on the italian accaunt which is one the same ps3, it says that the code isnt right or has expired for some reason when the code itself expires on december 2013. is this happening cuz i cant use 1 voucher codes on 2 differenct regional accaunts on 1 ps3? How can i fix this? Btw im on albania and buying from psn direclty isnt supported here unless u have a psn card that u can buy from ebay. HELP ME PLS!!!!

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