Ps4 Or Xbox One Or Wii U?

Essentially Facebook integrated with Playstation
Choice of download section of games (Multi-player or Single Player First)
Only have to download a quarter of a demo before you can play it
Retail price is cheaper than Xbox One (possibly varies)
PlayStation plus is required to play multiplayer (carries over from PS3) (on the flip side you get selected free games(as long as the member ship continues), and discounts on certain games and films) so if you continue its free games and discounts, if you renew every other year then its free rentals and discounts, rentals that will be waiting for you when you renew
Instantly coming back to your game where you left off with 2 presses of the play station button (whether or not this is as fast as it is said to be remains to be seen)
profiles UI have been updated
Playstation now has a wall feed
you can record footage of your game, and watch other peoples footage, watch it and then get back to your game, really cool for helping others
A few well known exclusives (infamous, kill zone etc.)
share button could be potentially awkward
Internet validation every 24 hours
Requires Kinect
Requires Membership for Online? or Multiplayer? or Both
Must Always be Online
Lending friends games is not worth it (must be friends for 30 days and can only lend once)
Relatively same menu and controller (if it aint broke dont fix it)
a few well known exclusives (dead rising 3, halo etc.)
Watches Tv and focuses more on Media rather than on just games
Both consoles do not natively support backwards compatibility
Wii U:
decent titles such as earth bound, zombie u and mario titles (as always)
neat little touch screen pad
this is all the info i have on all 3 consoles
I am personally going for the PS4, it appeals to me and is giving me what i want (updated menu and profiles UI, instantly going from walk through video made by friends and then your game, every game has a demo and only needs quarter of it downloaded and plus with the 70 (AUS) dollars that I pay for a subscription, at least i have a few free games that more than make up for the inflated AUS price.
What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Ps4 Or Xbox One Or Wii U?”

  1. Zack says:

    ps4 in my opinion

  2. Panman10 says:

    i think that ps4 s better because if you want to play games online like cod and many others you just have to create a playstation account without paying a quarter of a dollar.

  3. bill says:

    Actually as of June 19 Xbox no longer has the 24 hour check ins and you can play disc games just like on the 360. Here is a quote from the xbox website from Don Mattrick xbox’s interactive entertainment president
    Mattrick further stated that trading, lending, re-selling, gifting, and renting Xbox One games would “work just as it does today on Xbox 360.”
    I plan on getting both but I’m definitely getting the ps4 first

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