Psn Help; Can I Pay In Dollars?

Ok im from Aus, and australia doesnt have the game i want on its PSN. But Europe does, so i made a europe account. The game costs 15£. I have a 30$ PSN voucher. Can i still byy it in dollars? If i cant, what do i do now?

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One Response to “Psn Help; Can I Pay In Dollars?”

  1. playbunn says:

    I doubt it. This is to prevent the sale of things not approved by the crazy nanny-state that is Oz. By all means try to credit it to your UK account… you’ll probably just get a message saying invalid code or whatever.
    If you have a UK account now, you need to buy a UK voucher. If you have a credit/debit card you might be able to find an online UK retailer that is willing to accept foreign cards and allow you to buy vouchers for immediate download (they email you the code).

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