Public Assistant And Unofficial Joint Custody Agreement?

just lost my job of 10 years and not eligible for Unemployment Benefits due to me being firing for falsifying a document. Now I have now money, a 2 year old daughter to support and no savings. Therefore, I’m interesting in applying for Public Assistance in NYc. However, my and my daughter’s father equally take care of our child 50/50. I do not have a child support order in place because I don’t need it since my daughter is with him 50% the time ad with me 50% of the time. My child’s father also does not pay me any money since he pays for all her needs when my daughter is with him. I’ve researched Public Assistance and would like to apply but I refuse to sue my child’s father for child support because of the above stated reasons. I would apply as a single person but that causes a problem when HRA or public Assistance deems me able bodied and mandates me to a WEP or job search assignment and I have no money to pay for my half for daycare. Can I still get a childcare voucher if my daughter is not on my budget if I apply as a single person? I was just fired after being a case manager for homeless people for many years and have seen the hooks HRA make people jump through and I’m afraid if I do put my daughter in my PA case that they will try to force me to comply with child support enforcement which is not fair since not only does my child father care for the child half the time, he only makes $11 an hour and can not afford to pay the entire daycare or child expenses on his own. I also was the real bread winner just 3 weeks since i made twice what he made so I’m not a lazy person, just lost my job behind my keeping blank consents for the release of information in my desk which is wrong. I kept them only for emergency situations but my boss didn’t care and get rid of me despite me never being disciplined for anything in the decade I worked there. Either way I still need some information because at this point I don’t have money for food, or anything.

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