Pute The Number And Total Cost Of The Units Available For Sale In Year 2011?

Viper Company began year 2011 with 20,000 units of product in its January 1 inventory costing $15 each. It made successive purchases of its product in year 2011 as follows. The company uses a periodic inventory system. On December 31, 2011, a physical count reveals that 35,000 units of its product remain in inventory.
Mar. 7 28,000 units @ $18 each
May. 25 30,000 units @ $22 each
Aug. 1 20,000 units @ $24 each
Nov. 10 33,000 units @ $27 each
Compute the number and total cost of the units available for sale in year 2011.
Number of units available for sales ________units
Cost of the units available for sale $_______

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