Qualifications; Codes; Uk;?

where can i find a list of all classification codes for uk gcse, gce, vocational courses?
so the classifications codes like english gcse = 5510.
what is the difference between say maths gcse 500/7916/5 and 2210?

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  1. Ethel Bluebear says:

    I think the first number you quote is the QAN, the second is the discount code. All GCSEs (and probably all qualifications) will have both. The discount code identifies the subject, the QAN is specific to a qualification – e.g. Edexcel’s current linear GCSE maths specification.
    I’ve given the link to the register of accredited qualifications but it is hard to find your way round if you aren’t already involved in this field. Fundamentally, if it’s a GCSE then it’s a GCSE and there won’t be a big variation in the standard, and very little difference in the content for Maths. Schools pick which one to teach based on a variety of factors – what they’ve using at the moment based on a decision probably made years ago, whether it suits the teaching style, how good the textbook is, how reliable they think the exam marking is etc.

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