Question About Audio Output On This Moniter..?

So I bought a LGM2232DPZ Full HD 22″ LED TV Monitor today at the currys sale. LINK below:
It has one audio output on the back. I’ve tried putting in 3, 4 of my headphones (it slots into the tv fine) yet it still plays through the speakers (which are terrible of course) I’ve ordered a soundbar. LINK below:
Also, I’ve extensively checkout the audio.soudn settings on the TV and read the manuel..and my TV moniter does not have any options to do witht hat audio output whatsoever..
So I’m worried why my TV moniter is not playing through the headphones when I connect it..and will it connect fine with the soundbar I’ve just paid for?

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One Response to “Question About Audio Output On This Moniter..?”

  1. Houston says:

    The audio output may not have auto turn-off of the speakers. You should be able to turn off the speakers in the menu somewhere. If you have a receiver and speakers you can get a cable which changes the 1/8″ audio output to RCA jacks so you can plug it in to the receiver. This may be a cheaper option than a soundbar.

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