Question about NHS Opticians voucher?

Hi, I went to have an eye test at specsavers today and got given a new prescription for my glasses. I am 18 and in full time education so i’m entitled to the NHS voucher, this was confirmed at my eye test. Before going to specsavers today I had already seen a pair of glasses that I like at ASDA opticians, and they said that once i’d got my new prescription, I could go to them and they could honour the voucher also. I have just checked what specsavers gave me today and all I have is a prescription which has a box checked that says I have been issued with a NHS voucher, but should I have been given a separate voucher sheet? Will ASDA be able to give me the NHS Discount or do I have to get something from specsavers to say i’m entitled. Thanks.

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2 Responses to “Question about NHS Opticians voucher?”

  1. kdawg says:

    You get the GOS3 (the yellow voucher) from the prescribing optician so you need to go back and get it.

    The one you have looks similar but it is only the prescription – they can make glasses from that but you’d need to pay for them.

  2. hippo37 says:

    I’d go and ask ASDA if this is sufficient for them to give you the money off. One of the problems I see is that the amount of teh voucher depends on your perscription but ASDA should be able to work that out and presumably claim back form the government. There doesn’t seem any logical reason why it wouldn’t work without a physical voucher so I’d go and ask. If you get problems then go to your local Citizens advice bureau.

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