Question about no claim discount?

Should I protect my 4 years no claim discount, and if I do have an accident how it works out?
I have two cars insured under my name should I protect both no claim discount?
My wife is the named driver on both of cars, if she has an accident is it affect my no claim discount?

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3 Responses to “Question about no claim discount?”

  1. Fellside13 says:

    No Claims Discount is awarded to the Policy, not the individual drivers. So if a named driver was driving the NCD would still be affected.

    If you have 4 years and then made a claim you would probably drop to two years and rebuild from there.

    Usually with protected no claims, you do not lose your discount provided you do not have more that 2 claims in 5 years.

    Some companies allow you to guarantee your No Claims Discount, I have that.

    To the person who answered "How likely are you to have an accident?" is talking rubbish. What happens if you go out tomorrow and get hit by an uninsured driver? – You would then ONLY be able to claim on your own policy.

  2. Stuart B says:

    That depends on how much extra you’ll be paying for a ‘protected’ no claims discount and how much you’re saving by having that discount on your premium. You have to way up the costs and decide what’s best. Also, how likely are you to have an accident?..

    Whether your wife having an accident affects your premium again depends on what type of insurance you’ve got. If it’s your car, rather than you, that’s insured, then yes, if she had an accident you would lose your no-claims.

  3. Gizzard Puke says:

    If you have a protected no claims discount in the event of an accident you the policyholder will not lose your discount, I’m not sure about the named driver, phone your insurers or brokers they should be able to tell you. Cheers, Gizz.

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