Question About Work…?

I know I’m going to get judged and lectured which I totally deserve but while doing that I would definitely appreciate detailed answers.
Anyways, I got fired today for giving out too many discounts. Not my employee discount, but by marking down prices on a few stuff then and there. Most of the times I did it just to satisfy customers that would hold up lines or say they didn’t want the items anymore so I would offer that. I know it was wrong and thought less of it. So eventually it caught up to me and I was terminated.
Anyways, my main concern is should I expect a bill for whatever amount was at loss to the company? (My employer) They didn’t make me sign anything stating to do so. The only thing I signed was my termination document but my friends say they can still bill me. I didn’t even think of that and honestly I’m scared of asking my employer if they will (mainly because I don’t want to give them that idea to do so if they don’t plan to bill me.)
Thanks for any answer, and yeah yeah, have fun lecturing me, especially since it’s not going to change my current state of being but at least now I know for future jobs.

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One Response to “Question About Work…?”

  1. Joseph C says:

    I doubt it, or they would have said something. Of course nothing amazes me anymore. Employer’s are very different then when I was in the work force. These days they have become very greedy & mean about money.

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