Question For Individuals With A Lot Of Knowledge In Canine Pregnancy!!?

So I know a significant amount about dogs but oddly I know nothing about pregnancy. I have two pure bred pit bulls. Last month I got a voucher to get my male neuter and had an appointment. When I went to get the voucher they told me they ran out and I would have to wait for new ones to come in and gave me my money back. I waited another two weeks and finally got a voucher. I separated my male and female and specifically told my family they were not to be put together. I went to work and I came home late. When I got home they were together. My mother ha put the in the yard and my male was humping her. I have no idea of they tied during the day. I also have no idea if she is in teh ideal stage of gestation for pregnancy. She is still nipping at him when he mounts her but when I looked at her vulva after I seen some white fluid at the end. No blood and her vulva is not as swollen as I remember seeing it in her prior heats. This will be her third heat and she is 2.5 years old. I am very angry and would love to fix her asap although its not really my choice because she is my bf dog and he is against it. So I opted to fix mine to prevent pregnancy. I hate that she might be pregnant because I have no idea where these pups are going to end up and I hate having that on my conscious. I plan to do a blood test on her tomorrow and if it comes back negative another in 4 weeks. I just am very uneducated when it comes to them tie-ing and if there is an time during her period that she cannot get pregnant, etc, etc. I looked online to and I couldn’t really find anything with a lot of detailed information. So if anyone can help me out and point me in the right direction. I would really appreciate it.
I need to read up on this…..super frustrated this had to happen two days before his neuter.

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2 Responses to “Question For Individuals With A Lot Of Knowledge In Canine Pregnancy!!?”

  1. Nekkid Truth! says:

    if they tied.. then odds of pregnancy are high
    she can get pregnant at any stage in the heat cycle.. starting around day 10 is the most fertile time frame.. but it can happen at any stage.
    the mis-mate shot may be an option. I understand you cant make the BF get his dog spayed. Maybe you should try explaining to him the risks of cancer, and deadly uterine infections.
    If she does have pups, best I can tell you is screen potential buyers carefully. If possible, find a vet who will do pediatric spay/neuters.. sell the pups for the cost of their vet care. At least if they are fixed, you know they wont be used for breeding. Be very careful and selective of who buys a pup.. most people who want this breed, want it for the wrong reasons.

  2. Clockwor says:

    take your mutts to the vet, have them spayed and neutered and stop making up excuses for being a BYB
    So what if your BF doesn’t like it, the dogs need to be spayed and neutered, no need to waste money on a a blood test. Just have them spayed and neutered

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