Question for sales experts?

A friend of mine brought some cosmetic product to sales in our area, and told me about the business…as I’m going through a not very good moment I asked him if I could help him sell them and thus make some extra money. He said I will take 60% percent and he’ll keep 40%…I understand that for obvious mathematical reason I’ll take the biggest cut, but how can I think like a rich or an entrepreneur and make even more money? what do you suggest I do based on your techniques?

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One Response to “Question for sales experts?”

  1. David says:

    You don’t say how much you are paying him for the cosmetics !?!

    If he bears all the costs then its a good deal but a lot of work for you. If you want to get richer then work on sales targets. For example, if you sell more than 500 units, ask for an additional 5%, if you reach 1000 units ask for 10% etc etc.

    This is how sales people are rewarded in the commercial world.

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